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About Us

San Antonio, Texas

  1. Caring: Part of what makes us so special and successful is that our dental team truly cares about each and every one of our patients. We respect the preciousness of others.
  2. Understanding: We are so dedicated to you and your health because we understand what it is like to be a patient; we are patients also!
  3. Charitable: We believe in giving back to the community, and we practice what we believe. Dr. Hale has been serving as a volunteer at the Christian Dental Clinic since 2005. This is a clinic that gives free dentistry to the poor and homeless of San Antonio; now the Christian Dental Clinic is incorporated in the Haven for Hope campus.
  4. Focused: As experts in the fundamentals we excel in the advanced and the complex. Because of our focus on TMD and the bite, we are able to do amazing things everyday! The body is the postural expression of the bite. From veneers to cleanings to the most complex TMJ/TMD case, everything is dependent on the foundation of a good bite.

Dr Hale serving San Antonio, TX with general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, sports dentistry, and TMJ / TMD.