Dr. Brian Hale - Giving Back to San Antonio, TX

Giving Back

San Antonio, Texas

Dr. Brian Hale, DDS believes in dentistry that changes the lives of our patients and serves the greater need of the community. Because of his passion to help others, Dr. Hale volunteers time and dentistry to several non-profit organizations.

All non-profit charities need assistance in several areas. They need help from volunteers, funding from donations and publicity by word of mouth. Help us serve, give and spread the word!

Dr. Hale is Involved with Several Non-Profit Organizations

San Antonio Christian Dental Clinic “Providing charitable dental care to those adults in San Antonio who have no other means to secure dental services”. Dr Hale has been serving the homeless and the community at large as a volunteer since 2005.

Haven for Hope Since 2008 the Christian Dental Clinic has been incorporated with Haven for Hope. They are dedicated to transforming the lives of homeless through education, job training, and behavior health services!

HOPE Worldwide Changing lives through sustainable, high-impact, community based services to the poor and needy worldwide. From immunization drives to hurricane recovery to civil war relief in Rwanda, HOPE is a faith based international charity that is a high value charity with 87% of expenditures going directly to program costs. Dr Hale has been volunteering with HOPE since 1997.