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Our Story

San Antonio, Texas

Why are we so committed to serving others and our dentistry?

  • People: Our focus on ‘serving others’ comes from a strong faith and deep convictions about the preciousness of others. As Dr Hale would say, we have “a rational pre-occupation with the needs of others”. Come experience this servant-leader model of health-care today!
  • Dentistry: Dr Hale has been living with the pain and problems of a bad bite for decades. He has experienced virtually every symptom that is associated with TMD. In his search for answers, he has studied every occlusal philosophy and traveled the world. It was not until meeting Dr Chan at Occlusion Connections where the answers were found. Occlusion Connections is where very traditional bite management (gnathology) and the most cutting edge science and technology (neuromuscular) comes together. This method of dentistry is called Gnueromuscular Dentistry [Gnathology + Nueromuscular]. Due to the intense focus on the fundamentals of dentistry, we are able to excel in the most advanced and complex cases! On a personal note, Dr Hale has been pain free for years now thanks to Gneuromuscular Dentistry*!

Dr Brian Hale, DDS has been serving the San Antonio, Texas community with a passion for changing lives and giving back.