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Dentures and Partials

San Antonio, Texas

Periodontal and other disease, tooth decay, or an accident may have caused you to lose some, most, or even all your teeth. Tooth loss, depending on its severity, can lead to sagging facial muscles and an inability to eat a number of foods. It can also cause moderate-to-severe speech impediment. Quality dentures can alleviate all these problems – and Dr. Hale in San Antonio, Texas, is peculiar in creating them with you, the patient, fully in mind.

Standards of Quality Dentures

Well-made and well-fitted dentures should:

  • Be attractive and comfortable to wear
  • Be stable and easily retained in your mouth
  • Complement the features of your face and mouth
  • Give you the ability to speak normally and to chew food properly

The procedures used by Dr. Hale and his staff ensure that your dentures not only meet, but exceed all these criteria so that you can enjoy your new smile to the maximum!

Topics to Discuss When Considering Dentures

Some of the things you may want to discuss with Dr. Hale and his staff include:

  • The difference between partial and full dentures and his recommendations regarding which type would be most suitable for your particular needs and desires.
  • Dentures used in conjunction with implants: This type of procedure allows for better support of the denture and helps guard against bone deterioration. Dr. Hale will explain this process in depth, giving you the benefit of his years of experience.
  • Adjustments for proper fit – It usually takes several visits to achieve an appropriate, comfortable fit. The dentist’s skill in creating the initial denture mold plays a major part in how well the end-product dentures properly fit. Dr. Hale’s years of experience in this technique reduces these visits to a minimum.
  • Proper hygienic procedures – Wearing dentures requires the same careful dental hygiene as natural teeth do. Dr. Hale will explain all the necessary steps to keep your new dentures clean and healthy, because your big, beautiful, unselfconscious smile is what it’s all about!

When you’re ready to discuss taking this step, please feel free to contact us and make an appointment to come by for an in-depth conversation. We’re here to not only take care of your teeth, but to care for you, which includes dental education and your overall, general good health! Our San Antonio, Texas patients can tell you that Dr. Hale and his staff are always enthusiastic about answering questions.