AgilityGuard Performance Mouthguard - Improve Your Mental Focus

AgilityGuardâ„¢ & Mental Focus

San Antonio, Texas

You can dramatically increase your athletic performance with the AgilityGuard™ performance mouth-guard! Emerging from the latest science and technology used in treating TMD, these mouth-guards unlock the body’s full potential and give a natural advantage to athletes. From amateur to Olympic and professional, athletes of all levels are increasing their game with AgilityGuard™.

Increased Focus Testimonials:

“With the AgilityGuard, I was able to clench in a much more comfortable way and better yet, was able to keep breathing and as the event progressed, less clenching and more focus on racing and breathing pace.” Todd Harper. MotoCross Racer.

“The AgilityGuard allows me to have better transmission of the nerve impulses that control a large portion of the motor functions I use during shooting; my ability to get more aggressive on the gun improves, and my ability to shoot faster and maintain accuracy increases.” Mike Seeklander, Shooting Instructor.

“With my AgilityGuard, it’s easy to focus on the start, listen to the start cadence and my reflexes are fast. No one can beat me out the start. My balance and quickness are good, things move more slowly and I go through the gates.” Karen Lundgren, World-Class Endurance Athlete and Skier.

“I have never felt as good on a motorcycle as I do now. The AgilityGuard is the one thing that really pushed me over the top though. My focus has never been this good and my lap times have been doing nothing but getting better. I have never done one thing that has meant so much. Knowing I am going to be able to ride with more focus … has elevated my confidence before a race to a new level. Thank you so much for a GREAT product, I would never think about riding without it.” Gregory Lamey JR, PRO Motocross Racer

“Using the AgilityGuard has been invaluable to my training. I feel like I have better … confidence. I wear my AgilityGuard all the time running, jumping, and lifting. AgilityGuard I believe will be the reason why I will be succeeding in my sport in the future.” — Jamie Nieto, 2004 Olympian High Jumper

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