Dental Bonding - Instantly Correct Dental Imperfections


San Antonio, Texas

Dental bonding is an effective cosmetic dentistry procedure that we offer our San Antonio patients. It is often part of giving them the aesthetically pleasing smile they have always wanted because it can correct so many minor dental problems:

  • Small chips
  • Cracks in the enamel
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Discoloration and stains that cannot be removed with a tooth whitening procedure

One of best things about dental bonding is that it can be completed in just one visit to our cosmetic dentistry office. During your dental bonding appointment, we will talk to you and learn exactly what you would like to change or improve about your smile. You may learn that another procedure, such as porcelain veneers, tooth whitening, or a dental crown may be a better choice for the results you are looking for.

The Dental Bonding Procedure

  1. Dental bonding begins with a painless etching gel applied to the surfaces of your teeth receiving the bonding. This etching allows the bonding to attach more strongly to the tooth.
  2. Dr. Hale will choose bonding material that matches the shade of your existing teeth. Bonding is soft and resembles putty when it is first applied. Then Dr. Hale will use a high-intensity light to harden it and make it tough and durable.
  3. Finally he will polish it and the procedure is complete. You will be able to smile more confidently and eat all your favorite foods.

If you have any smile problems that are making you self-conscious, please contact our cosmetic dentistry office in San Antonio, Texas today to schedule an initial consultation. We will help you determine the best way to improve your smile.