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Crowns & Bridges

San Antonio, Texas

Dental crowns and bridges are a way to replace missing teeth or teeth that are too decayed to be restored with white fillings or dental bonding.

Crowns and bridges are two different types of restorative dentistry. Dental crowns replace all the surfaces of a tooth that is badly damaged or decayed. Dental bridges are used to fill the space left by a missing tooth.

Dental crowns

  • In the first of two visits, the decayed or damaged areas of your tooth will be removed and the tooth will be reshaped so that the crown can be snugly placed over the top. Dr. Hale will then take an impression of the tooth and send it to his dental lab. He will place a temporary crown on the tooth so that you will be able to smile and eat normally while your custom crown is being crafted.
  • In your second visit, Dr. Hale will remove the temporary crown and test the permanent one to make sure it fits your tooth perfectly. When you and he are both satisfied he will bond it to the existing tooth structure. The result is a tooth restoration that will look and feel like the rest of your teeth.

Dental bridges

  • A bridge is an artificial tooth typically supported by crowns on neighboring teeth. Dr. Hale will reshape the teeth on either side of the missing one so that customized crowns can be placed over them.
  • He will then take an impression of the area and make you a temporary bridge for the teeth that have been reshaped so that you can eat and smile comfortably. Your new teeth will take perhaps two or three weeks to be custom manufactured.
  • In your second visit Dr. Hale will remove the temporary crowns and place the permanent bridge. Now your smile will no longer have gaps from missing teeth and you will be able to smile confidently.

If you have ever considered dental restorations such as dental crowns or bridges, please call or email our San Antonio, Texas cosmetic dentistry office to schedule an initial consultation. We will answer all your questions and let you know exactly how a dental crown or bridge can improve your smile and your dental health.