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Dental Implants

San Antonio, Texas

Loss of teeth can be traumatic, affecting your appearance, self-image and quality of life. Teeth lost as a result of aging, which in some cases leads to the loss of many or all of the teeth, is often dealt with using traditional dentures. However, in recent years more and more people with missing teeth have opted to have dental implants placed.

Dr. Brian Hale, DDS, is experienced with dental implants, and can help you make the decision about whether or not to use this method to replace missing teeth. Dr. Hale and his staff will provide a comfortable and convenient procedure for you.

How Dental Implants Work

  • A dental implant is a titanium cylinder that is implanted directly into the jawbone. The implants are placed so as to provide sufficient support for appliances that will be added later.
  • Several weeks of healing are required to allow the implant to bond with the bone. After this healing period, a bridge or full set of dentures is attached to the implants. In some cases, the dentures are removable, but they remain firmly in place once attached to the implants, unlike traditional dentures that can shift in the mouth.

Added Benefits of Dental Implants

Traditional dentures can be uncomfortable or can cause embarrassment if they move around in the mouth. In addition, dentures do not stimulate the underlying jawbone. Bone loss is common in long-term denture wearers.

  • By contrast, dental implants, because they are embedded in the bone, stimulate it to grow in the same way natural tooth roots do. This helps maintain a healthier jaw.
  • At the same time, patients can be assured that their new replacement teeth will not slip or move around to cause discomfort or embarrassment.
  • Permanently affixed dental implants do not need to be removed and specially cleaned like traditional dentures, making them not only more comfortable but more convenient.

For more information on how dental implants can help you, please contact San Antonio, Texas dentist Brian Hale, DDS, to schedule an appointment or a consultation.