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White Fillings

San Antonio, Texas

Traditional fillings were made out of metal amalgam, but today, white fillings can do a better job and also avoid the unsightly appearance of metal in your teeth. If you are suffering from the pain of a cavity or if you would like to replace your old metal amalgam fillings and you live in the San Antonio area, we can provide you with composite white fillings.

Advantages of White Fillings

Stronger: White composite fillings will strengthen the tooth instead of weakening it. They are bonded to the tooth. The old metal fillings were not bonded – they were just packed into the cavity and exerted an outward pressure against the tooth’s periphery. Eventually this cracks the tooth. By being bonded, white fillings exert an inward pressure, holding the tooth together and keeping it strong.

Stable: The composite material does not expand and contract with hot and cold substances in the mouth, as metal does. That expansion and contraction is another way the metal fillings weaken a tooth.

Comfortable: White composite does not react at all to temperature.

Conservative: Placement of a white composite filling requires less removal of tooth tissue than placement of a metal filling. That is because the metal, not being bonded to the tooth, must be contained within the cavity by its shape.

Beautiful: White fillings are not visible as being fillings, but look like part of the tooth. Dr. Hale will choose a shade of composite material to match your natural tooth color.

The White Filling Procedure

The procedure is similar to the metal filling procedure but not exactly the same.

  • First all decay and damaged tissues are removed and an etching solution applied to strengthen the bond between tooth and filling.
  • White composite is like putty and Dr. Hale applies it incrementally.
  • He will check your bite and make sure your upper and lower teeth meet comfortably.
  • When you are both satisfied he will use a curing light to harden the composite material.
  • Now it is strong and durable and permanently part of your tooth. Dr. Hale will do any fine-tuning necessary and give it a polish.

Please contact cosmetic dentist Dr. Brian Hale today to schedule an initial consultation, if you are considering a white filling or if you would like to replace your metal fillings.