Teeth Whitening San Antonio - In-Office and At-Home Treatments

Teeth Whitening

San Antonio, Texas

A beautiful, white, pearly smile can be the most attractive thing about a person’s face. All over the television, movie screens, and magazines, people show off their perfect, white teeth, but anybody can have this benefit now!

Over time, everyone’s teeth become a bit discolored because of substances like tobacco, red wine, coffee, black tea and strongly pigmented foods. Aging gradually thins the enamel also, which allows the yellow dentin layer to show through a little.

Dentist Dr. Brian Hale in San Antonio, Texas offers both in-office and at-home tooth whitening services.

At-home tooth whitening

If you would like to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own house, we can provide you with a customized pair of trays to use and a supply of professional-strength whitening gel. We will give you these in a take-home kit with a little instruction booklet. The trays will fit your upper and lower teeth snugly so as to keep the whitening gel evenly in contact with all your teeth.

You can choose from three strengths of gel – mild, moderate, and strong — depending on how sensitive your teeth are. Before you leave one of our friendly staff will show you how to use the kit and answer your questions. You can call us at any time if more questions arise.

Chair-side tooth whitening

This process can be completed in about an hour almost anytime you would like to schedule it. We will make sure you are relaxed and have video glasses to watch a movie if you would like that. Dr. Hale will first apply a protective gel to the lips and gums and then the whitening gel to the teeth.

A special light is used to speed the whitening process which releases oxygen into the tooth enamel and removes staining. There are three short sessions with fresh gel and then a short recovery period when we will make sure you are comfortable and satisfied with the results.

This chair-side tooth whitening can brighten your teeth up to ten shades, so the improvement in your smile will be dramatic. We will give you a follow-up kit that you can use for later touch-ups.

Please contact cosmetic dentist Dr. Hale today if you would like to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about your tooth whitening options. In some cases, Veneers might be a better alternative.