Root Canals by San Antonio Dentist - Dr. Brian Hale

Root Canal

San Antonio, Texas

Also known as “root canal therapy,” endodontics is the method by which dentists save a diseased or injured tooth. Dr. Hale has been serving the residents of San Antonio, Texas for many years with endodontics and has many grateful patient-graduates. In the past, if your teeth became unhealthy or had damaged nerves, they were more likely to be extracted. But with endodontic treatment, your tooth can be saved – in usually one or two office visits – and with minimal discomfort.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal entails removing the decayed or injured pulp of your affected tooth. Inside each tooth, and continuing on down into its root is a hollow space known as a canal. Inside this canal are the tooth’s nerve, blood vessels and connective tissue. Together, these are known as the tooth’s pulp and the canal is known as the root canal. It extends from the chamber in the tooth’s crown all the way to the tooth’s root tip in the jawbone. It allows your circulatory and nervous system to enter the tooth, nourishing it, removing waste, and enervating it. When bacterial infection spreads into the root canal, an abscess may form in the jawbone, allowing decay to spread through the bone.

Understanding a Root Canal Procedure

  1. After you receive anesthetic, Dr. Hale makes a small opening in the tooth’s crown and removes the decayed pulp and all bacteria and debris. He may insert medication to prevent further bacterial infection. Then he will fill the cleared-out root canal with a rubber substance called gutta percha. This both fills and seals the interior of the tooth. A temporary filling is positioned in the opening of the tooth’s crown and an antibiotic may be prescribed for you.
  2. The second stage is placing a crown over the remains of the tooth, to protect it and extend its life. The crown is made by a dental lab and takes a week or two to arrive at Dr. Hale’s office. Dr. Hale will remove the temporary filling, replace it with a permanent one, and position the crown over the repaired tooth. When it’s cemented in place, your tooth has a new lease on life!

After the Root Canal

Dr. Hale and his team in San Antonio, Texas are highly experienced in restoring damaged and/or diseased teeth to good health. Root canals should last a lifetime, if properly executed and followed up with appropriate care. Good oral hygiene, a must for healthy teeth, along with regular visits to Dr. Hale for checkups and professional cleanings, will give you all you need to make your endodontic treatment and subsequent dental health a success. If you have a toothache or a badly damaged tooth, don’t wait too long to have it repaired. Give us a call today or send us an email to set up a consultation.